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Social Projects

JSC “Belokon Holdings” supports to the socially responsible business.

Riga Golf School

Riga Golf School was founded in 2003 and became the first sport school of golf in Latvia. The School specializes in instruction for kids and teenagers from 6 till 16 years old.
The main goal of the school is to popularize the game of golf among kids and youth, prepare the base of the Junior National teams, as well as make this aristocratic game affordable to different social groups.


Mammas Dagmaras Parks

The park was started 8 years ago in Vecumnieki, Latvia by bringing the first 15 animals from Great Britain.Now over 100 animals live in the park – fallow deer, red deer and mouflons. The park territory encompasses over 300 hectares. In the future we plan to build a countryside hotel with a small spa and a restaurant.The park accepts school excursions, providing information on animals and forest, organizing nature quiz and offering a picnic place.



Hercogiste have just taken the initial steps in Hercogiste Eco Project very long-term vision. We hope to create plan that will guide the development of a socially and environmentally sustainable environment. We envision an innovative tourism development as the core of the community and hope that over time, other sustainable businesses will be drawn to the location. Hopefully, it will be a place for "greener" life, where people can learn about and enjoy harmony with nature.



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